Your Questions About Best Electronic Cigarette

Linda asks…

What is the best electronic cigarette? I am trying to quit smoking, but don’t know which e-cig to buy?

admin answers:

I found this blog that helped me figure out which brand of e-cigarette I should buy. If you’re considering switching over, I hope this page helps you like it helped me (I decided on Luci, Green Smoke, and inLife):


And here are some videos with information about how e-cigs work:


Also, check out these retailers:







Hope this helps!

Paul asks…

What is the best electronic cigarette model for someone who wants to buy e-cigarette for the first time?

admin answers:

The best advice I got when checking them out was to watch some videos on you tube (there is also vapetube.com now) and read some information on open unbranded forums. You’ll get real information from real users without the sales pitch. You can read what people like & why and then decide on which model and price range best suit you. Models AND prices vary by quite a lot so you really want to make sure you are somewhat informed before shelling out any cash.

On you tube: grimmgreen & bigicedog channels are well known for honesty in the e-cig community.
Some forums you might like are vapersforum.com, e-cigarette-forum.com, thevaporcafe.com, there are others you just have to look and be sure they aren’t promoting only certain e-cigs from one or two vendors. If and when you decide to buy one, don’t forget to get an extra bottle of e-liquid for refilling.

Good Luck & happy vaping! (you’re gonna love it!)

Daniel asks…

What’s is the best electronic cigarette company?

what do you prefer?

admin answers:

When I wanted to quit smoking I tried blue cigs. They worked great and taste the most like real cigarettes.


Charles asks…

What is the best small electronic cigarette 88mm or less?

I already have the blucig and the e-lite and the health e cig.

admin answers:

I think the Greensmoke guy is full of crap. I don’t think ANY e-cig is FDA approved. (to bad too!)
Anyway, I think the 510/Yeti/Titan/Dura (all different names for the 510) is about that size but not sure. You can check out some reviews and read up on different models on forums and even on youtube. That way you can see different ones. Most good forums have links to reputable vendors without pushing you into one brand specifically. (and you won’t pay as much as the ones you already have or the Greensmokes either)

Here are a couple of forums I find useful if that helps.

Good Luck

Mandy asks…

Best Electronic Cigarette Brand?

I’m considering buying an electronic cigarette device but I don’t know which brand/s to look for. Not even which filter brands to look for, can anyone suggest the best or the best brands that are out now? And the prices to them?

admin answers:

If you are in the US you can get Njoy from Target for about $109.99 the 5 pack refills are $24.99. I ordered, but haven’t received yet, the Crown7 form Crown7.com for $79.99 the 5 pack refills are $10.00. I also wanted to try the mini e-cigs and found the best price for them on ebay. I have never used one before so I ordered my refills in regular flavor tobacco half of them in medium and half low. I did not want to try all the fruity flavors at this time but maybe later.

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